[Membership 2 Pro] Form builder for registration

I really believe that a form builder is needed for a membership plugin to cover all membership situation. Simple but kinda core feature...

  • Rupok

    Hi thomas,

    Thanks a lot for your suggestion. Can you please explain a little more about what type of form builder are you looking for? Do you want to customize the registration form only? Or something else too? In the title, I see that your request is for Registration. If you want to have a customized registration form, you can try using this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/cimy-user-extra-fields/

    With this one, you can create additional input fields in the Membership 2 Pro registration form.

    Please let us know what other facilities with a form builder you are looking for in the registration page. That will help us to understand your requirement better and to provide you better solutions.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!