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There is no way for website managers to use Membership 2 Pro and edit the UI of shortcode driven pages. We have to hire WP talent to edit a little CSS here and there. It's such a pain. The vanilla Membership 2 Pro output out of the box is simply NOT pretty to look at and thus makes us go to other membership plugins.

Why can not someone create a tool where you can just edit the CSS on the front end.
Elementor and other tools do NOT suffice.

I've been asking for this for years actually .
I don't think I am being heard.

  • James Morris
    • WordPress Enthusiast


    The core problem really isn't Membership 2 Pro as this is something that affects most shortcode based plugins and visual editors.

    The benefit of shortcode based plugins is they are much, much easier to develop and extend. You don't have to build traditional page templates and worry about how those templates will play with WordPress core, other plugins and themes. The downside, as you have found, is that shortcode based plugins don't play nicely with visual editors.

    The core issue here is the WordPress Core. WordPress does not parse shortcodes until final rendering on the front-end. Whenever an editor is called, it is pre final rendering, thus the shortcodes are not parsed.

    Unfortunately, unless WordPress ever changes this, editing a shortcode based plugin's layouts will require either:

    a) Custom templates that perform the functions of the shortcode
    b) Using traditional means of editing the CSS

    So much code has been invested in how Membership 2 Pro works now (shortcode based) that to make it template based would require a massive rewrite and is not likely to happen anytime in the near future.

    Nevertheless, I will add this as a Feature Request for our team to consider for future versions.

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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