[Membership 2 Pro] Integration of Membership Pro 2.0, Subscribe by Email & e-Newsletter


You could work on an integration between the three plugins you have:

Membership Pro 2.0

Subscribe by Email


The idea is to create more advanced and powerful subscription and mailing strategies that allow the development of marketing campaigns from the same wordpress panel.

An example:

I create three types of memberships with the Membership Pro 2.0 plugin. Automatically, the Subscribe by Email plugin introduces to the list of subscribers each new member that acquires a membership in order to periodically send you the new contents of the website. In turn, with the Subscribe by Email plugin, groups of subscribers are created automatically according to the types of membership. In this case, create three groups of subscribers for the three types of membership. In addition, if a user changes the type of membership, the plugin should have the ability to change it also from the subscriber group. With this, we automate a lot the marketing tasks associated with the mailing campaigns that you want to automate.

Do you think it is viable to create this integration?