[Membership 2 Pro] It's Impossible to Edit the Checkout Page??

Please make it possible to use a page builder for the Membership 2 Checkout page. Right now it is automatically generated by the plugin and cannot be edited. The Checkout page is the most important page on the website--it's where people put in their credit card number! Developers need to be able to customize this page and A/B test variations.

Currently the user goes to the /register/ page and chooses a membership. Then they are taken to a new page to make an account. However, the URL is still /register/ so it is impossible to change this page where they put in their profile info. Finally, they get to a third page that reminds them about the membership they are about to buy and has a button to "pay with credit card". Again, this screen is impossible to edit because the URL is still /register/ but the content from the actual /register/ page is being overridden somehow by the plugin.

Instead of overriding the /register/ page like this, why not just redirect users to a new page where they can make their account and enter their credit card information? And insert the fields into the page using a shortcode. That way developers can just make the page look however we want in a page builder as long as we include the shortcode in the place where we want the credit card fields to display or whatever.

Has this frustrated anybody else?