Membership 2 Pro letting any user / Privacy plugin

I have a Install with Membership pro 2 and Multi site Pricavy, I have the setting only user registered to a site can view it, And I have multimembership turned on, But for some reason if any one registers through membership 2 Pro , if they go to a subsite it show them logged in already, But when i check all users it does not say they are registered for the subsite, But they can navagatie like they have signed up, Also i have turned on site wide portenction and the manage options in my wp-config.php , uninstalled and reinstalled and yet it still wont give site wide protection nor will it take away admin from signed up users, it says this.

hank you for using Membership 2

Here is a quick overview:

You use verion of Membership 2
Hey, this is the PRO version of Membership 2 - thanks a lot for supporting us!
Your Protection covers only this site.
All users with capability manage_options are M2 Admin-users.
WP_DEBUG is disabled on this site.
even though i added the code tp the wp-config and complete reinstalled Membership 2 it still wont change, Please help....