Membership 2 Pro Login Loop created. Cannot Login as a member

Hi there,

What is working – When a user registers for a membership, the registration works perfectly. The new user is taken through the registration page, payment page and the thank you page (which has the account page button at the bottom) and this account page works (which means the new user can see the information about the membership they just signed up for and what not).

The problem – once a new user is logged out, there is no way to get back to the account page they were able to access when they first signed up for a new membership.

For example – I created this page for a user to sign up or login for a particular membership – “” and there exists a registration and an account login button on this page. When the user clicks on the account button it takes them to (which is the official account page for the user to view their account info). If the user is logged out it asks them to log in. BUT when the user does log in, it takes them to “”

Had I put the “[ms-membership-login]” on the page itself ( so the user can log in directly from there (which I have tried), the login form takes them to , so the issue is that the shortcode mentioned earlier and any login form on the website that is supposed to take the member to their account page instead takes them to “whateverpagetheshortcodeorthelogin formexistson/login” .

Please help. I have tried every trick and workaround I could find and tried to solve it myself to the best of my ability for the last 2 weeks.

Basically, it is creating a login loop and I cannot seem to actually get to the account page.