Membership 2 Pro login redirects when Chat plugin enabled

I want to use both Membership 2 Pro & Chat for support sessions with clients. They will be sent an invitation code to register using Membership 2 Pro.

When I have Membership 2 Pro activated, and Chat deactivated, the Membership 2 Pro login works correctly.

When I have Chat and Membership 2 Pro activated, users that try to login via the Membership 2 Pro login are redirected to the wp-login.php. They do get successfully logged in from the wp login page, however users have to enter their login details twice, and the desired result is for users to login via the Membership 2 Pro login.

I have tried disabling all other plugins, and this still happens when only Membership 2 Pro and Chat are activated. I have also tested with a default wp theme, and get the same result.

Is there a fix so that users can log in via the Membership 2 Pro login form when Chat is activated without being redirected to the wp-login.php?

I have grated support access.

Thanks for your help!