[Membership 2 Pro] M2Pro Registration Options

Hey guys,

Is it possible to use Forminator to setup a dropdown list with conditional logic to select a specific plan on M2Pro?

An example – I have a product A that has three options and also a product B and C which also have 3 options a piece. The options are time periods, say 1 week, 2 weeks and 3 weeks. So if I select Product A with the option of 2 weeks(from the dropdown) and click submit, will it submit the correct value or is it even possible?

I know it has been mentioned before that you can use shortcode or something similar to create your custom registration buttons so I am wondering if this would be possible to create a form with dropdown values so that whichever value is selected it will select that when the button is pressed?

I hope I am clear in the explanation :disappointed: