Membership 2 Pro Manual Payment Issue.

We recently upgraded Membership 2 and some new members are unable to login to the premium membership areas, I mean can't access the restricted content. My client has a really complicated billing system, so they do all their billing manually so I think there may be an auto payment type has somehow been activated in the update. In the billing, I was able to make member as Paid and change status as active but there are a couple others with the same issue. So we want member status to automatically active although they paid manually but only for the paid membership account.

  • Paul Kevin

    Hello CentreSupport ,

    Hope you are well today. The current version of Membership takes notice of invoice status i.e the invoice has to be paid before a Membership can be marked as active. This was done since in previous versions it was possible for a subscription to be marked as active even if the payment did not go through.
    If there is a default active gateway, this will be set as the subscription gateway for memberships added from the admin. To manually change the status of a single user, you can use the following query

    update wp_postmeta w set w.meta_value = "active" where w.meta_key = "status" and w.post_id = (SELECT p.ID FROM wp_posts p where substring_index(substring_index(p.post_content,',',1),':',-1) = USERID AND substring_index(substring_index(p.post_content,',',-1),':',-1) = MEMBERSHIPID AND p.post_type="ms_relationship");

    Where USERID is the id of the user and MEMBERHSIPID is the id of the membership. Make sure to set the correct prefix for "wp_".

    Manually changing the status of a member from the admin requires that the invoice is first marked as paid. In the next upcoming release, this is fixed to automatically mark the invoice as paid when a subscription is set to active.

    Warm Regards
    Paul Kevin

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