[Membership 2 Pro] Manually "Expired" subscriptions show up as "Active"

I have recently imported around 100 users into my site and have assigned them all the subscriptions they need access to.

However, I have a few expired historical accounts I would like to keep on the site just in case they decided to renew, I've tried to back date one particular user's expiry date to July 1st 2017, and although the "Edit Member" page of Membership2 says their subscription is "Expired (no access)" when logging in as the user I can still access the protected content, the user account page shows the correct expiry date of "July 1st 2017" but the status is "Active".

All users will need to have their start/expiry dates changed as they are being imported from an active offline system, I have had to change my original "date-range" subscriptions to "permanent" so I could set custom dates.

I've enabled support through the WPMUDashboard and the user I’m trying to back date has the Membership ID 105, not sure if I’m missing something simple.