[Membership 2 Pro] Membership 2- JS problem jQuery Dialog

Dear Support,

Long explanation:
We're using membership 2 for a clients website which is a business that extends information regarding healthcare subsidy's (subisidies in dutch). These subsidy's are a custom post type which have a limited view based on the membership type for example, trial memberships can only see the first archive page and upon using special functionality (special search options) they'll receive a jQuery UI message saying something along the lines of "please upgrade your package etc.".

Unfortunately displaying such a message is no more than a dream for my little programmer heart. The minute you change from the user role administrator to one of the members (year members, 3 month or trial) an error occurs which can be seen in the chrome console. As a check I disabled all our checks and conditions using the membership 2 API which hasn't resulted in the desired result, however disabling membership 2 all together seemed to do the "trick". Are you aware of anything that might cause such an issue or would you able to point us into the right direction to fix it?

TLDR; Javascript dialog conflicts arise when members visit pages that don't occur when admins go to pages.

I hope I've been somewhat clear and don't hesitate to bombard me with questions if I've been vague in anyway, it's been a long day.

Thanks a lot for helping out!
- Brandon