[Membership 2 Pro] Membership 2 Pro

Hi there.

I'm done! Giving up on Ultimate Member Pro – I just cannot de-glitch this plugin! I'd love your advice regarding the following:

Does Membership 2 Pro allow my members to set up a profile of sorts, including a brief bio, photo gallery and links to web and social?

Can I have a number of Membership types (eg Associate Member, Designer Member, Certified Designer Member etc) with various allocations of features for each. (For example, I'd like Associate Members to be allowed to post four photos only, and Designer Members having the option for 8, and Certified Designers for having up to 12.)

Can I apply a hierarchy to the search results? For instance, if a consumer looks for a member in their state, can I ensure that Certified Designers are viewed at the top, followed by Designer Members and then Associate Members?

If I install Membership 2 Pro, is there any way to transfer existing UM profiles or will I need to start again? If there is an option to transfer, to you offer any support in doing so?

The existing Member Profiles can be viewed here: