[Membership 2 Pro] Membership 2 – several issues regarding the registration process and automated

1. The automated email “Signup – user account created” is sent to the user before the user verified his email. For my understanding, it should be first sent the verification email and after verification the “Signup” email.

2. After clicking the verification link in the email, it opens up a page on which the text “Account verified. Proceed to login” is not translated.

3. The automated email “Subscription – Completed with payment” should be sent after registration. I have a membership with manual payment. So I would like to have an email sent after the last registration button, with the actual bill and the payment details.

If this would cover another automated email – which one is it?

4. The automated email “Payment – Receipt/Invoice” which is the confirmation of the payment. Here the translation is not working except for the content of the description.

4.1. In this email the link to view the invoice online is not correct. The transformation from the mutated vowel is different. So one time it becomes “u” and the other “ue”.

5. At the account page the translation is also not working for “Invoice #%2$s for membership %1$s – Paid.”

And also the due date: Here it is “März 14” instead of “14. März 2019”

6. By clicking at the account page on the invoice, I am missing a space between the word “Invoice” and the number of the invoice.

7. The automated email “Payment – after due” was sent 3 times on the same day… and was sent with the old invoice which was already paid.

8. At the backend, as I was checking some stuff, a second new bill with the current date was created and the first new payment which was still open, has changed its due date. As I marked the first open bill (17.3.) as paid, the date was corrected. (From before 23 to 17) But the automated email sent the newest bill, which is still open in the backend, but marked es paid in the email.