[Membership 2 Pro] Membership site stuck in test mode and I can't get access

ThinkBiGSites is my multisite and I have a sub-site at mentorsinc.co.uk which is using membership Pro 2. The site's stuck in test mode and I can't disable it.
I'm also having some issues with the permissions on the menu where changes aren't being reflected properly on the live website, which is very frustration. This also applies to some changes made to the page layout where updates show when I'm logged in but once I log out, I still see the old layout.

  • Steve - Just Think BiG

    Hi there,

    Over the last 30 minutes I've managed to disable Test mode and resolved the layout issues, so, I'm marking this as resolved.

    Just for interest, the issue with not being able to disable test mode in Membership Pro2 was due to using my SuperAdmin login, which didn't have access to any of the membership levels. I could edit everything without issue but, on activating Membership Test mode, it wouldn't allow me to switch it off. Once I logged in with a different user account that did have access to membership levels, I could disable test mode.

    Regarding the page layout changes that weren't being reflected on the live site once logged out, this was a caching issue. Once I purged both the p[age builder cache and the main page caching plugin, the layout changes were visible.

    Kindest regards,


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