[Membership 2 Pro] Membership workflow flawed – free/default membership

Ok, so I set up a Free membership type so that registered members could get access to our full free article archive (as opposed to just the latest posts/Editor’s Picks – that’s me :slight_smile: ). The trouble is, there is already the “default” membership type for those that haven’t joined another membership yet.

With the default membership, if you click on the register link, you have to register first, then sign up. This is confusing for a start. I appreciate it is because first you are registering for a WordPress account, then signing up as a member, but the average user doesn’t know that. It means there may be users who have Default membership and those that are Free members, with little or no difference between them. This was causing more confusion (for me!) when hiding premium content. So I deleted Free, leaving the Default membership to get on with it.

Without it, however, when you click on a sign up link (ms shortcode), it takes you to the list of memberships, which now only displays the paid membership. Now, you can edit the standard membership page, which I did, to add a registration link. But that is only available to logged-in users, a bit pointless!

It would be better to change the Register link so it goes to the Membership list. That would avoid the confusion – is there a way of changing the Register link in the widget?

I don’t know how you guys at WPMU Dev do it, but the whole membership experience here is great (better than the plugin)…from login to profile views…when can we have some of that??!!

I’ll probably have to go back to creating a Free membership and try and ensure the default membership has the same protection rules, but the register link in the widget is still confusing. Any advice?