[Membership 2 Pro] Membership2 integration with a form plugin (e.g. WPforms.com)

I think that WPMUdev.org should work with WPforms.com on integrating your forms within WPMUdev

I built a site with WPMUdev's Membership2 plugin, and it's super awesome, except that I had zero possibilities to customize the registration form, which is the core piece of the new user registration process… e.g. I wanted to add "phone number" to the registration form, and I could not, because Membership2 did not include it by default.

WPMUdev has an add-on for BuddyPress integration only… and BuddyPress lacks customization, big time.

If WPMUdev had an add-on to integrate WPforms (one of the best form-builder plugins for WordPress, IMHO), it would surely result in a better experience for WPMUdev users…

Would you guys look into this, please?

I would love to use WPforms (or any other fully customizable form plugin) under WPMUdev, if there was an add-on to integrate it…