[Membership 2 Pro] Memberships2 Questions

Hi there,
I am busy playing around with Memberships Plugins and I feel that MS2 is the right choice. However I am having some problems with BuddyPress, reCaptcha and MS2 Pro.

1) The reCaptcha recommended by you guys is right under the normal profile field but I want users to provide more information so the reCaptcha should be above the "send button". On mobile it's even worse, the button is somewhere in the middle of the registration field
2) The reCaptcha does not seem to work: Every time I submit a registration the form starts loading again and nothing has been submitted.
3) The online invoice template looks not nice. I believe it was supposed to be centered but for some reason it just looks funny. I am using Divi Theme, where can I customise that invoice template?

That's it for now.

Thank you.