[Membership 2 Pro] More tag content showing in source code

I'm using the Membership 2 Pro plugin to manage our subscription and we use the more tag to protect the content but it's come to light that the content is still available in the source code making it very easy for people to find the full content.

Is this normal behaviour for the plugin or could our theme be doing this? I need to find a way to ensure that the content is not visible in the source code.

  • Nastia
    • Support Rock Star

    Hello Michael

    I trust you're doing well!

    The Read More tag is set the excerpt that should reveal the full content on a new page, its standard WordPress feature. The Membership 2 plugin, protect posts from Membership > Protection Rules. To fully protect posts please make sure to enable "Individual Posts" add-on.

    Or content can be protected with shortcode [ms-protect-content id="24"]..Content...[/ms-protect-content] where 24 is membership's ID.

    I've visited several pages and see that only the excerpt is showing in the source code. Please grant access to your site from WPMU DEV > Support and let us know on which pages full content is showing up in the source code.

    Please let us know when you do!


  • Michael
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi Nastia,

    Thanks for the quick response, I’ve enabled support access for you. If you browse to the articles section you’ll see in the source code the full article is shown.

    If I understand correctly the only way to not have the content showing in the source code is to use the 'individual posts' add-on.


  • Oguz
    • QA Engineer

    Hey Michael ,

    Hope you're well.

    I checked your website too, but while I am logged out I can't see the full article in the source. I checked the articles section and single articles. On single articles, I only see the excerpt of the article and subscription box.

    Am I missing something, or maybe you solved the issue somehow?


  • Michael
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Just an update, I've now discovered that its not the membership plugin at fault for this.

    Turns out the theme has a structured data option which when turned on includes the full article in the source code. Not something I had thought of before but might be useful information for others with content for members only.

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