[Membership 2 Pro] NMI integration for membership plugin

Can you please consider an NMI integration for membership 2 pro?

  • Tony G

    That's really a fascinating offering. At first I wasn't sure what you had in mind here. Now I'm thinking that you want to get people to register on your site via M2, where their memberhip entitles them to various services that you provide via NMI. Is that the model? I think that's an awesome plan.

    Please forgive ... this isn't my usual speech about integrations. :slight_smile: If my thoughts above are correct, I understand your desire to integrate NMI with M2. But even more than usual, I'm thinking this is a perfect example of how an integration framework for M2 would be much better than a single integration. That could spawn all kinds of ideas for new businesses that are based on reselling other services with value-add. It seems inelegant to me to hard-code an X-to-Y relationship, where M2 is aware of details for another API, and specific M2 features are "nailed" to specific features elsewhere. It seems more elegant to abstract the concept of M2 interfaces, and document them well so that anyone, including WPMU DEV, can create an interface to that abstraction.

    So in this case I'm not in disagreement with the value of integration between M2 and NMI, I'm instead recommending that first M2 should be fitted with the same kind of integration/addon framework that's been added to Forminator, and then integrate NMI with that. Successful integration in this way would serve as an example for others. I believe the feature would open all kinds of door for the Membership plugin, where right now I feel like it's struggling to keep its position at WPMU DEV and in the WP world as a whole.

    And I'm hoping that with Forminator and M2 both following a paradigm like this, that Dev will feel more confident about fitting all of the popular plugins with a harness like this to make them more extensible. Now more than ever, with the recent announcement about free plugins for non-members, I'm sure we're all going to be seeing LOTS of questions about integration with other plugins, services, and applications.

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