Membership 2 Pro Password issue

I can use (`) in the password and save it but I am getting "username or password wrong" message when trying to login.

  • Nicolas
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hello Ash,

    thank you - no problem. We've investigated this issue a little bit more. It seems that it only happens while setting up a new password using the "password forgotten" function. Using the "new password" function while editing the "account" works.

  • Nathaniel
    • New Recruit

    Hello Nicholas

    Thank you for being patient with us. We were able to isolate the issue on our login process for Membership 2.

    We've found the line of code that was causing the issue and it was in 'class-ms-view-shortcode-login.php' in the subfolder ./app/view/shortcode
    For your convenience, we've taken the initiative to upload the corrected file in the proper location via the FTP details you supplied beforehand. We were also able to test it on your site by creating an test account. We then ran a test with the password reset link and the password was successfully reset. After which we removed our test account on your site.

    Can you test if the solution is working for you as well, please?

    As reference for any future need that may arise, we .zip archived the file into '' and attached it to this message. Upon extraction, there will be two files:
    - class-ms-view-shortcode-login.php

    I've listed the installation process in the below:
    1. Unzip/Extract the archive using your Compression tool in a folder in your computer.
    - Files will be class-ms-view-shortcode-login.php
    2. Using your FTP client, access your WordPress site.
    3. Navigate to the Membership 2 PRO folder /wp-content/plugins/membership-pro.
    4. Navigate to the sub-folder /app/view/shortcode.
    5. Look for the file class-ms-view-shortcode-login.php and rename it to class-ms-view-shortcode-login.php.bak.
    6. Upload class-ms-view-shortcode-login.php into the current sub-folder.
    7. Run and test Password Reset on Membership 2

    Please retest and verify that the solution works. We'd gladly welcome any feedback.

    Thanks again.

    Best regards,

    Nathan Villaluz

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