Membership 2 Pro plugin: define redirect URLs for login and logout

I'm trying to implement the Single Sign On function with Freshdesk and it requires us to add a "?redirect_url param" in the URL. I've talked to their support team and tried to implement it with the WordPress default wp-login.php and it worked, but when I tried to log in with the login page we created using wpmudev M2 login shortcode, it doesn't redirect users to the URL defined in redirect_url.

[ms-membership-login holderclass="oms-login-form" wrapwith="div" wrapwithclass="oms-login-form-wrapper" header=no show_note=no label_username="Username or E-mail"]

Freshdesk is, however, able to pick up the user credential after logging in using our wpmu M2 login page, so we just want to know if it is possible to define the redirect URL in the URL params if we use the shortcode from wpmudev M2 plugin.

In our case, we need to redirect users to different destination depending on where they come to our login page from, hence we want to know if it is possible to set the redirect URL params in URL.

we actually have a workaround that we would like to consult you first since the default WordPress wp-login can handle the redirect, can we use the M2 plugin to theme that page and we can just use that to handle the login process of our site.