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hey, i'm looking to offer membership subscription behind the paywalls for hours and minutes, rather than days and weeks - is that presently possible please? Best, M.

  • Kris

    Hi Mark

    Hope you are doing good today.

    I double check that and consult with our team. This will be not possible due to payment providers that provide recurring payments require a valid time parameter which is defined in values like:
    - days
    - weeks
    - months
    - years

    Depending on exactly what you wanted to achieve, you may look at our Pay Per View plugin here https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/pay-per-view/ which have payment option called "One time view". Other payment options in Pay Per View are also force by payment providers to use days, weeks, months and years.

    Hope this clarify a little bit more this request :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

  • Tony G

    Mark - I have similar requirements for a couple of my business models. The model is quite simple, it's the same as mobile phones: You get a subscription which includes a base number of units, and based on the tier you pay a specific rate for more units. In this case the account must get a minimum value re-up. That re-up is then applied at the membership rate for the units that they consume. Note that this separates the concept of units from dollars. The credit card company doesn't care about hours or minutes. They're just interested in the money. Any help?

    What do you have in mind here?

      • Tony G

        If you're considering this option, I recommend using any common eCommerce package - starting with MarketPress. When you are following a "re-up" business plan, you're now selling a product of time.

        Such a product can be sold as inventory, with discounts applied based on Membership2 and other details. Essentially you might have one inventory item (SKU) for time, with a label like Consultation, and another for something like Package Wrapping ... whatever it is that people are buying, and they can purchase units, like 5, 10, etc. If you need to be able to sell minutes, either allow for a quantity as fractions of an hour, like 2.25, or create separate SKU so that a customer can buy 2 units of hours and 15 units of minutes.

        Each new re-up purchase is applied to an Order. In this model, you deliver the product over time, so the eCommerce package must allow for multiple deliveries. If the client spends 12 minutes using your service, you have delivered 12 units, and that needs to be logged in their order. When all time has been delivered and the obligation of an order has been satisfied, close the order.

        Note that Invoices and Orders need to be handled separately. That is, the order is being processed over time and you are "shipping" goods as they are removed from inventory, but the invoices may be paid immediately on generation while their orders remains open to be processed. If you need to issue credits, you can do so as a part of normal accounting with a cash credit back to them. Or you can create a new order for the client with line items for whatever you owe them, generate an invoice from that, and then credit the invoice as paid - essentially giving them money to pay for the time you give them.

        "Hey, I didn't get the time that was logged here!" : OK, that can be marked as a product return and the client order then gets credited for the units which can then be delivered later.

        As you see, all of the accounting is tracked quite well in this model. Everything can be reported for your own accounting or for clients.

        If the accounting gets too complex, you'll need custom code, a more sophisticated eCommerce plugin, or maybe link with QuickBooks or some other SaaS.


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