membership 2 pro – problems with multiple duplicate automated emails


I know I already have a couple of tickets still open for this site – so I hope you are Ok with me opening a new topic – since it is for different issues…

Here are our problems:

1. The members on this site are getting multiple automated duplicate emails for the same event.

We have enabled the email log add on and you can see the complaints are legitimate.

2. We have had at least one case where someone has purchased a one year membership and the system recorded the one payment but extended his membership two years –

The user name on this member is marcinszpak – I have also attached a screen shot.

It's not consistent as you will see the members from Dec. 3 – Ken Snyder and Dec 9 – Marcus T

these worked properly extending only one year. Is there anything that would cause this in the payment process?

Please advise ASAP – we have long battle trying to get this plug-in to work as designed.