[Membership 2 Pro] Profile Fields add-on putting wrong data in member profiles

I wanted to give my members the ability to change their "Display As" name on the site, so I activated the Profile Fields add-on for Membership Pro 2. I already had a bunch of members and it's an active website.

For some reason, now at least one test user has had wrong data put into their profile fields. It made the Display As show "Havok" (even thought the user does not have "Havok" anywhere in their username or first/last name or nickname) and the Website field "https://gohavok.com" (our website address).

Also, no matter what we type into the Website field or select for the "Display As" dropdown, when we save it -- nothing is saved. The wrong data still shows.

My concern is that we just announced to 90+ users that they can change their Display As name... and I'm not sure if they're ALL going to have the same issue as my test user.

Also, we had at least ONE comment left on the site from user "Havok" and website "https://gohavok.com" -- with a legit-looking comment in the text area. So I think whomever it was who left the comment is experiencing the same glitch.