Membership 2 Pro registration using Gravity Forms

We are trying to set up detailed registration pages for our site using Membership 2 Pro and Gravity Forms. I have added the line to my functions.php file as per the instructions as well as selected the registration page with the Gravity Form on it in the Membership 2 Pro settings, however, when the form is submitted, nothing happens other than the form showing up as a new Gravity Forms entry. How can we make it populate under All Members in Membership 2 Pro?

  • Rupok
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    Hi Gayann

    Hope you had a wonderful day.

    I have added the line to my functions.php file as per the instructions

    Can you please share the link you added to your functions.php? I could tell you better about this if I could see the code.

    Moreover, can you please also share the link of the instruction you are following? I'm looking forward to hear from you and resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

  • Gayann
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    Essentially, what we are trying to achieve is being able to Membership 2 Pro and e-Newsetter as a WordPress CRM-type solution to handle all our site membership, comprehensive contact information and subscriptions to a variety of newsetters and email communications.

    We offer three membership types:
    Guest - for those who don't log on but want to subscribe to our general newsetter.
    Associate - for those don't log on but are on certain email lists (eg. the press for media releases).
    Member - for those who choose to join to become a member of our network, gain access to our forums, comment on our posts and recieve a variety of our newsetters and email communication.

    We are investigating alternate routes to using the CiviCRM plugin as we find it extremely difficult to implement in the WordPress environment as well as complicated to navigate. By using Gravity forms, we are able to export the data to a spreadsheet for other purposes...

    Is the Developer's License required for Gravity Forms so that we can integrate it into the registration process on Membership 2 Pro?

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