[Membership 2 Pro] "Send copy to Administrator" does not obey MS_ADMIN_CAPABILITY

We are using the Automated Email Responses in the latest Membership plugin. We also like sending a copy of certain emails to our support staff lead. Our support staff belong to the user role "Managers". We use define( "MS_ADMIN_CAPABILITY", "create_users" ); to give our "Managers" full access to the Membership plugin. That works great. Unfortunately at the time being "Send copy to Administrator" dropdown only shows the email to site admin (from Settings->General) and a list of users with the role "Administrator". This is because the MS_Model_Member::get_admin_user_emails() function only checks those users. It doesn't verify the MS_ADMIN_CAPABILITY.

This is problematic for us, as the support staff lead that we need to send copies of the emails to has the user role "Manager".

It would be very helpful if the get_admin_user_emails() function checked MS_ADMIN_CAPABILITY and if it was defined, also displayed emails for users that match that capability.