Membership 2 Pro Sends 4 Automatic Emails When Set to Send 1

Hey guys,

I have Membership 2 Pro set to send the automated email entitled: "Subscription Trial - finished" one day before the trial ends.

It sent 4 of the same "Subscription Trial - finished" email.

The emails are exactly 6 hours apart: 2:03 AM, 8:03 AM, 2:03 PM, 8:03 PM.

I think this is going to irritate a customer. How can we eliminate 3 of those 4 emails?

Also, is it possible to schedule another warning email a few days earlier before the trial ends?

Warning email sent 3 days prior to subscription trial ending
"Subscription Trial - finished" sent 1 day prior to subscription trial ending

I tried to accomplish this by setting the "Subscription - Before expires" email to send 3 days prior to trial end, however M2 does not send that email. Is that because it is only used for already active paid subscriptions? If so, I think either making it available for trials too would be useful - or - having a new dedicated email for trials that accomplishes my above example, would be good, as well.