Membership 2 Pro setup - adding a login popup to the menu

Hi -

I successfully installed and protected a single page for our dealer members but I can't figure out how to put a login popup on the menu and have it redirect to the protected content after successfully logging in. If they fail to log in they should be directed to an error message saying this content is only for active Dealers for our products.

Is there any more detailed documentation on this plugin or could you point me to where this is discussed in your documentation.

Jen Donahue

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @jen22, Michael here! :slight_smile:

    We'll need to bring our PopUp Pro plugin for this one, to help with the creation of the login popup:

    With that installed, you'll want to go to:

    PopUp -> Settings

    And ensure that "Load PopUp using" is set to "Page Footer".

    From there, you'll want to create a new popup, and ensure that this shortcode is inserted into it:

    [ms-membership-login redirect_login=""]

    (of course, replacing "" & "example-page" with the appropriate details)

    Now, just in case there isn't already a menu item set up for this, you'll want to go to:

    Appearance -> Menus

    And create a new custom link there, setting the URL as:


    And having the title simply be "Login". Now, when you go to edit your new custom menu item, if you don't already see a "CSS Classes (optional)" field there, you'll want to click on the "Screen Options at the top right corner of the page, and enable the "CSS Classes" option there.

    After doing that, insert this into the "CSS Classes (optional)" field:


    After doing that, you'll want to go to:

    PopUp -> Settings

    And ensure that the "JavaScript Events" condition is enabled there.

    After doing that, go and edit your popup, and ensure that the "Behavior" section looks like this:


    - The box for "Appear when user clicks on a CSS selector" is checked, as well as the "Repeated" box
    - You've entered the CSS class you set to your menu item from earlier
    - The "Form submit" behavior is set to "Refresh PopUp or close (default)"

    You should be all set then! :slight_smile:

    Let me know if this helps please!

    Kind Regards,

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