Membership 2 Pro Stripe Question

In Europa and especially in Germany it is common to use different payment methods than Paypal or credit card, such as SEPA direct debitting and SOFORT.

Stripe supports these payment methods. However, right now – when switching on SEPA direct debit or SOFORT in Stripe – there is no option to use these payment types in Membership.

Our developer checked your plug-in intensively and he realized that payment goes through checkout.js from your side, however, stripe payments are regulated through stripe.js where also only credit card is being supported right now.

In order to add SEPA and other modern payment methods Stripe all offers, your devs would have to extend stripe.js and add this/these method/s.

However, first, the code of checkout.js needs to be ported into stripe.js to then make proper changes. So how could you solve this problem for European costumers like us?