[Membership 2 Pro] Stripe Subscription Error (sandbox)

I get the following error when test purchasing a membership subscription with the Stripe subscription gateway.
Error: No such plan: ms-plan-355-1snSKZXNXx8fvFFxRslt4u
The user is created within the site and in my Stripe customer list but the subscription is not created and payment not made.
Does the plugin not create the subscription in Stripe? I tried manually creating the subscription in Stripe using the ID from the error message but this didn\'t work either.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hey Steve,

    Hope you're doing well :slight_smile:

    When setting up Stripe account, if you switch between Live and Sandbox mode the Stripe can get confused sometimes and doesn't create the proper plan.

    Since your site has support access open I took a liberty of accessing your site, then I went to Membership 2 > Memberships and edited your membership.
    In there I simply switched to Finit type membership, then restored to Recurring in order to force the Stripe to refresh the information and after that I was able to successfully complete a payment on your site.

    If you encounter a similar issue when you switch to live just follow the same steps as above and that should do the trick.

    Best regards,

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