membership 2 pro update ruined our process – can you help

the recent update for membership 2 pro has ruined our method of people joining the site and paying.

It took a lot of hard work to get right and I would be grateful for your help in correcting this.

when people join (what we want AND how it worked) previously was that:

1. it would ask them to click join now

2. the site would then ask you to sign up

3. you would then input your details to join such as username, name, email address, tick the terms and conditions, etc

4. this would then take them to a payment page which would offer them the chance to apply a discount code (it doesn’t do this anymore)

5. when they click proceed/payment it would then trigger the stripe gateway link and then once they had completed payment take them to the membership welcome page. (it doesn’t do this)

6. for 100% discount coupon users it should skip Skype and take them to the member welcome page.

7. in addition to this our old existing member log in page had a form on it for username and password. This has disappeared and been replaced with

“The content you are trying to access is only available to members.”

how can we get the forms back on the page for people to log in when they are existing members?

this is urgent please