Membership 2 Pro User Activation Add-On

Not sure if this will be supported, but figured I’d ask.

We’re using the Membership 2 Pro plugin for a client’s new site, to restrict access to the forum (also using the WPMU Forum plugin).

I came across the following threads regarding “Approving Users” before they have access to the site. I’ve installed the add-on from the second thread.

What I’m curious about is if there is a way to only display/limit access to the Protected pages for that membership, rather than the entire site.

After a user registers, they are displayed the “Pending Membership” page/content, but are unable to access ANY page in the site. Seems like it would make more sense to only display that content/message on the Protected Pages.

I spent a while messing around with the code, but couldn’t get it figured out.

Secondly, the primary navigation gets blown away on the “Pending membership” page/content, and all page titles on the page get replaced with “Pending membership” instead of just the page title (see the News post titles in the sidebar).

Again, don’t know if this will be supported since it doesn’t appear to be an official add-on, but thinking it may not be a challenging fix for someone who is familiar code and knows what they are doing.