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I am running Membership 2 since a few days. When People Register everything seems to work but they are not assigned to the Membership they have selected. Actually they are not assigned to any Membership. Right now I am only using free Memberships. I tried to create a new Membership, but same Thing happens.

I found out, that the issue is connected with a plugin i use with is called "New User Approve". It lets me activate users manualy, after they have logged in.

Users are my students. And I want to have controll over who gets activated and who not. How can I achive this without the New User Approve plugin?

thanks for your help!
best regards,

The users

  • Rupok

    Hi Attila

    Hope you had a wonderful day.

    I think those approval plugins are breaking the flow in Membership 2 Pro registration process.
    I'm afraid, currently Membership Approval feature is not available in Membership 2 Pro. But this sounds to be a really awesome feature. So I'm moving your thread to our Features and Feedback section. More people liking the idea, more chances our developers will work on this and will include this feature in our future releases.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

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