Membership 2 Registration Redirect

When I sign up as a new member on my site I get redirected to the same page after selecting my membership.

As a logged out user (visitor) I click Membership => Become A Member from my navigation. This take me to the Membership Registration page (url = /register/). I select my membership type, in this case its Professional Member and click "Signup". This takes me to the Create an Account section sill on the /register/ page. I fill out all my info and click "register my account". At this point I get directed to the Membership page(/membership/) and I have to select my membership type again. After I select my membership type for the second time I get moved to a confirm membership details page with the same info (now for a third time) and have to click "signup". After this i am redirected to the insert CC info page.

Is there any way to skip the 2nd redirect and jump to the confirm page or better yet jump straight to the CC info page?

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