Membership 2 sign up not showing as a member

I am just testing my Membership 2 sign up's before i look to go live.

I signed up myself as a 'Supplier' member - that will be a paid membership. I wanted to test the Paypal process worked. I signed up ok and i have it so they have to press the subscribe button on sign up and it takes you to Paypal. That worked, the paypal process worked but when i went back to my site the contect was still all protected even though i was signed is as a Supplier account.

I logged in as Admin and the Memebership 2 members list is blank.

If i go to the Wordpress users list the Supplier account i just created is listed as a participant but its as though Membership 2 has not recognised/activated the membership.

Can you help please?

Support access is granted.

Thank you.