Membership 2 singup button not working when using Spirit theme

If I click on the Signup button on the registration page, the page loads back to itself and nothing happens. The page just goes right back to the same page.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Eve-Marie,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I have checked your site and the problem here is the way those special membership pages (registration, membership list, account, protected content, thank you page) are made.

    It seems that you have "cleaned up" default modules from page and instead put widgets there for membership. However, those pages should be fetching default content from WordPress pages.

    Please visit your registration page now. You'll notice that there's still your "signup" at the top but below it another one showed up. The one on the bottom is working. If you now edit that page in Upfront, you'll notice that the element on top is your "widget" and the one below it is "post_data". That's the one those pages should use.

    I left the widget there just for you to see the difference but please remove it and leave only "post_data" element there. That should fix the problem.

    As for other membership pages. You might want to do the same:
    - edit the page in Upfront
    - remove the "widget" element
    - expand "Draggable elements" section of Upfront toolbar
    - switch it to "Data" tab
    - drag and drop "post_data" element from there on the page
    - click "Ok" and click "Update".

    That should fix other membership 2 pages as well.

    Kind regards,

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