Membership 2 – Subscriptions being cancelled


We did a site for a client a year ago where it is allowing them to subscribe to different memberships. The client is after coming back to us that in the last few months there’s a serious increase in Subscriptions being terminated/cancelled without any trace of it (no email to user or anything like that). There’s few users that also basically got removed from a subscribtion (lost the ability to preview Members only areas on the site) but still payment was being taken from the system. Stripe is being used on this and initially the client went to them to see if that’s something on their side that’s canceled recurring payment. They came back saying that probably your plugin just sends a request to cancel it:

“For start, it looks like these subscriptions were marked to be ‘canceled’ at period end. Please note, that this is not a default option Stripe offers through the Dashboard and it requires further code development through the Stripe API. After checking the logs we can confirm that this requests are coming from a plugin.”

How can I check the settings or logs of what happened? There was one membership user which was done by the client and that account is nowhere to be seen in the admin of the membership area. Not even under cancelled or expired… That account is only in “Users”

I would appreciate any help with this as this is a major problem for the client as they are losing revenue because of this.

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