Membership 2.0

Hi gang,

Well, it's been quite a while since we posted the v 1.1 beta of the membership plugin, but the updates to the plugin have continued to such an extent that we decided to skip the 1.1 release and go straight to the full blown version 2.0.

This update has *a lot* of changes, updates and brand new functionality. If you can, I suggest setting up a play site and getting to grips with the new toys before putting it on your live site.

A few of you who have been using the v1.1 beta will already have seen some of the updates, so what I'll do in this post is go through and list all the additions and then can go into more detail later on - as otherwise this post will be a considerable size.

Additional functionality

Quick start guide - just a little something to get you started.

URL Groups - this was in version 1.1 and allows you to specify specific urls or regular expressions to allow access to. Other than bug fixes, this remains unchanged.

Communications - pretty much a more advanced version of automessage but integrated directly into the membership plugin. Allows you to set up messages to send to your members on signup, x days after signup and y days before their current subscription is due to expire.

Pings - this is a biggie, and is only going to get better. You can now set up the system to send GET or POST messages to other URLs when a member joins or leaves a subscription, and even as they move through levels. It is a very generic bit of functionality and should be able to be directed to a number of uses (including creating users on external forums, adding them to mailing lists, etc..)

Account page - Specify a front end page and insert the account form shortcode and your users can edit their account details without needing to visit the sites back end.

Upgrades and Cancellations - a biggie that was missing (for some reason) from earlier versions of the plugin - users can now cancel their subscriptions directly from the site and upgrade / downgrade to other subscriptions. You can even limit the number of days between they can upgrade / downgrade.

Single payment gateways - the first being a paypal single payment gateway. What is this you ask? Well, it means that instead of relying on PayPal (other payment providers) to handle the subscriptions and billing, the membership plugin can take over and allow a user to renew their subscription a payment at a time. With the new paypal gateway, this means that they can use a credit / debit card instead of needing a paypal account. It also means that you can have unlimited subscription levels. When combined with the communications system you can send reminders to users to renew their subscriptions. Single payment gateways can also handle free subscriptions - so if starting from new, you should use this gateway in preference to the "free gateway".

Renews - place the renewals shortcode on the account page (or any other) and your users can renew direct from the front end of the site, the renewal form can be set to show x number of days before it is due via the options page.

Bug fixes, hooks, filters and customisation - as is usual now with these updates, I put in a ton of new hooks and filters - I'm pretty sure that most of the functionality of the plugin can now be customised without having to touch the core code. I also fixed a few bugs along the way including the filtering problems on the members page.

WP Roles - assign an associated role with each level, and the member will be assigned to the relevant roles as they progress through subscriptions.

and more - pretty sure there is something i missed, but have a play and do let me know what you think.

Grab it from the usual place, or by following the link over on the right.