Membership 2.0.5

We've just updated the membership plugin to version 2.0.5

This version includes some filters for paypal notification and return urls - for those sites that have / had problems with PayPal IPN notifications being returned, these can now be overriden to hardcoded files.

I've also added an experimental 404 override option in this version - set it to Yes and it will display a no access message instead of a 404 when posts aren't displayed, set it to No for the current behaviour to be retained.

The Terms of Service plugin now plays nicely with the membership signup form (the check box was previously ignored).

We've also made an update to the gateway.

  • Barry

    @jeffpease @Shean - if you put that line in your wp-config.php file then the setting will be retained rather than being overridden on membership plugin updates.

    Can't it just be a text field where we can enter in what ever price we want instead of a drop down?

    This is one of the big changes that will be in the next major update - it requires a lot of changes across large chunks of the plugin, so isn't a simple change i'm afraid.

  • Hans

    Is there any way to configure the plugin to allow protected posts to show excerpt content on the blog and category pages to strangers/visitors/non members - then when clicked on, send the stranger/visitor to the signup page - WITHOUT using MORE tags or SHORT codes?
    This is something that most other membership plugins do quite nicely and I'm having a hard time getting Membership plugin to do this, I've been searching and reading the support forums and trying to figure this out for hours. Any help would really be appreciated, thank you!

  • Hans

    Hi Barry, can I contact you about custom development of your Membership plugin? I love the plugin, but we DESPERATELY need the following 2 features and I would prefer to pay you instead of our programmers to do it so it becomes part of the plugin's formal development path instead of a hack. I think others would benefit from these features as well and it would really strengthen the plugin considerably.

    1. Option to display post excerpts if/when a post (or its category) is set as not accessible. Currently (unless there is a trick or hack to make this work I haven't found after hours of searching) if a post (or its category) is set as not accessible by a certain Level, it is removed completely from the blog and category archive pages. We want a checkbox option to have the post excerpts to still be displayed, but when the user clicks to view the protected post, they are redirected to a specific page (see #2 below). Member Access plugin does this quite nicely but obviously it does not have the other features your Membership plugin has. This option should be a Level setting, not a global setting.

    2. Option to redirect user to a specific page if/when they try to access content they do not have an active subscription to. Admin would select redirect page from a drop down menu of existing pages PLUS an option to select the default WP login page (or whatever is used by Membership plugin). If WP login page is selected, user is sent back to original requested URL after successful login (again, Member Access does this quite well). This option should be either a Level or Subscription setting, not a global setting.

    If you could let me know how you can be contacted regarding this, I would be VERY grateful. Thank you very much for your consideration.

  • David Payne


    One of the plugins I like to use is called Buddypress Humanity. You might already be familiar with it but just in case you are not, it's a very simple plugin that allows you to ask a question during the signup process that the user must answer correctly. You can list acceptable answers. It's a very simple plugin to help combat bot signups. With Membership installed, it appears that Buddypress Humanity still works when the individual signs up through the traditional pathway ("Sign up" on the global bar at the top). However, when routed through the Membership signup it no longer functions. If there is a simple fix for this, that would be great.

    Alternatively, I would imagine because Membership takes over the registration process, there have been similar problems interacting with other plugins. Therefore, perhaps the Membership plugin can have its own "Humanity" control built into it. Let me know your thoughts.


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