Membership 2.1.3 + WordPress 3.3

Hey WPMUDev,

I just wanted to let you know that I think WordPress 3.3 is breaking your Membership plugin. At least, the plugin isn’t behaving like it was the last time I tried the plugin (that was before 2.1.3 though and WordPress 3.3).

I’m working on my company website and getting it ready for the new version of WordPress and was trying to do some playing locally with your Membership plugin and instead of having the normal two columns with the drag and drop (and the positive/negative rules areas) everything has been dropped into one column and a lot of the functionality that I remember being in the Membership plugin is now non-existant or seems to be broken.

You can see an image of what the “Access Levels” area looks like:

and the “Subscription Plans” section:

Since WordPress looks to be launching 3.3 any day now, I figured you would probably want a heads up.