Membership 2.1.4 blocking PlatformPro feature slider

Good day,

I'm running the following:
Plugin: Membership 2.1.4
Theme: PlatformBase 1.3.2 (child), PlatformPro 1.5.3 (parent)
freshnurse . ca

My problem is as follows: Membership is causing my home page feature slider, and box sets (a custom post type) to fail and render the following message: "no feature posts matched this pages criteria".

I know that Membership is causing this because I deactivated every plugin, and only Membership causes this failure.

Here's the Skinny: the only time the feature slider, and box sets don't work is when the membership plugin is activated AND a user is NOT logged into the site. However, the feature slider, and box sets work fine with the membership plugin if the user is logged in.

Could someone please share their thoughts on how I may troubleshoot this?

(Free User Settings
Positive Rules = access to all shortcodes, access to all posts
Negative Rules = limited access to pages, limited view of menu options)

As well, I've opened a discussion on this resolution at my theme provider, - here's a link if you wish:
Pagelines Forum:

Many Thanks for your time and consideration! It's appreciated.