Membership 3.0 + BuddyPress + Gravity Forms

Hitting my head against the wall...

Membership 3 is working well for me. However...

To facilitate an extensive BuddyPress profile (addresses with country codes, multiple emails, yadda yadda) I am using the Gravity Forms User Registration add on. It is successfully working as a shortcode on a temp page to add an user with a BuddyPress profile. My issue is figuring out where to put the shortcode on the Membership page.

I have a page with the [subscriptionform] shortcode on and active. When I add my [gravityform id="6" name="Registration Form"] shortcode below it both forms stay on the page as it steps through the membership process (select subscription -> register user if not logged in). What's the graceful way of doing this where the Gravity form only appears when it should?

As a last resort I could butcher the bp.registration.form.php code to hand place the form in there but that's not ideal.

Thanks in advance! Kevin