Membership 3.4 RC 1

Hi all

It’s been a long time coming, but we are delighted to release the Release candidate for Membership version 3.4

There are a lot of bug fixes in this version, as well as removing as many annoying warnings, notifications and depreciated function calls as we could find. This version is also WP3.5 ready, so if you are running the release candidates of WP3.5 then you can use this version of membership. Cole has also been working with a few of our members on the 2CO and Authorize gateways and coupons functionality.

Amongst the changes are:

– Fixed problems with coupons restarting the signup process in certain setups

– Coupon Uses and Date limitations now properly update

– Fixed error with the buddypress registration page

– Various new actions and filters are now available

– 2Checkout – Multiple Bug Fixes and feature additions

– new php session code for coupons

– fixed simple invites so it doesn’t remove the invite code if there is an error elsewhere on the form

– fixed styling for admin area filters – removed WP3.5 forced float left for select boxes

– fixed short code custom message for negative shortcodes

– fixed correct add link to rules on level tab

– made pretty permalinks required message more prominent