Membership 3.4.4 Beta

Hi all

It’s that time again :slight_smile: Thanks to everyone who helped us get version 3.4.3 out of the door a few weeks ago – it’s now time to move on to version 3.4.4

As well as fixing any issues that we missed in the last version, let’s see if we can get some of the most requested new functionality in this version as well. So feel free to post a link to a thread in the Feature suggestions and feedback forum in here, or start a new one so we can judge interest :slight_smile:

This top post will always have a download link to the latest beta.

Added in beta 2

– fixed feed key setting display on profile page

– fixed feed adding to standard feed links in theme

– fixed expired coupons still being applied to subscriptions

– added check for valid usernames and associated error message

– added check for valid email address and associated error message

– added first pass cron class to process members and move them through subscriptions without users needing to login

– added method to automatically speed up cron processing if there are a lot of members to get through :slight_smile:

– updated redirect to protected page to check if not already on that page

– initial set up of extra permissions so that users can be restricted to only have permissions that they need.

– fix for posts default rule warnings

– fix for posts default rule interfering with other post types

– removed some filters from the pages rule

– fixed categories negative rule

– added ability to prefix content in the membership powered pages rather than them overwrite any existing content.

Added in beta 3

– fix for coupons with no expiry date being seen as expired

– fix for new cron not loading all expired subscription information

– fix for coupons admin menu being hidden

– initial code to move url group processing *not complete yet but shouldn’t affect existing functionality

Added in beta 4

– bug fixes – a lot :slight_smile:

– added interface to allow permissions to be set for users to administer parts of membership

– fixed subscriptionbutton shortcode so that it can be used for custom designed registration pages

– fixed ssl issue causing a lot of links to be forced to be ssl on certain web hosts

– updates to css styling in the admin area and the front end forms