Membership 3.4.5 installed but only have found Membership documentation (pdf file) for 3.4.4 version

Hi again,

I have noticed that available documentation for Membership is for 3.4.4 version (pdf file) but I have installed Membership 3.4.5 version.

One of the first differences I have found is that in version 3.4.5 the Membership Login Widget is available but not included in the available documentation. I also wonder if a shortcode for the signup form is available as I would like to add the login form from a page instead from a sidebar.

So, two separate questions.

Where can I find the dcoumentation for 3.4.5 version?

Would if be possible to include the login form from a page instead from a sidebar using a shortcode ? (perhaps this is just answered in 3.4.5 documentation)

Thanks in advance and Best Regards,