Membership 3.4.5 – Release Candidate

Hi all

Attached below is the Beta of version 3.4.5 RC 3 of the Membership plugin.

Release notes

– major restructure of protection code to pave way for future functionality / allow multiple subscriptions / levels to run concurrently

– updated gateways to handle free subscriptions better

– initial interface changes for communications module

– interface updates for moving users between levels / subscriptions

– added a login short code and widget

– removed payment details text if there is no payment (e.g. free)

– other bug fixes – lots in this version :slight_smile:

WARNING: Please try RC on a development site / test site first. Do not install on a production / live site until you have tested / backed up your system.

There are major changes in this version.

It is advisable to backup your database prior to installing, and maybe use the Snapshot plugin to take a copy of your current site.

You can always roll back to a previous version of the plugin if you come across any issues – there is a minor change to the communications table structure in this update, but previous versions will still work with the change in place.

You can grab the RC file below. We will keep this main post updated with the latest version.


Download Membership 3.4.5 RC 3