I am trying to use the Membership plugin on my multisite network and have run into several issues/questions:

NOTE: We followed the instructions on pages 75-79 of the Membership manual and changed the global settings, etc.. Then, we network activated the Membership Premium plugin in the Network Admin.

Q1 – In the Network Admin, I can see the Membership plugin settings and can change the settings for the MAIN site. However, I don’t see where/how I set up protection for any of our 40+ subsites.

Q2 – I can’t figure out how I can customize the member registration form or the “My Account” profile questions.

Q3 – If I don’t add one of the protection areas on the right (i.e. pages, categories, posts, menus, etc.) to the positive or negative areas, are they automatically protected, automatically visible, or does it depend on the which one it is?


I have more questions, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

Thank you, Dori