For some reason on a new website I set up, when I add more that one user level to a member the privileges (in this case navigation drop downs) are not present.

I works fine with one user level.

Any suggestions!

Thank you in advance for your help.


  • MasatoEM
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Make sure that the menus are not conflicting, this happened to me as well, rather, it was reverse, there could be a confliction, you may need to add advanced access points.

    Meaning for those levels, you will need to have both positive and negative permissions from the advanced menu, where you choose both positive and negative, this might fix that cancellation. My assumption is you are using purly negative or positive access points. (I use negative)

    That is my suggestion.

    It appears to be what she is trying to say is:

    – User has more than one membership level applied

    – User group x has access to menu items a,b,c

    – User group y has access to menu items a,c, and d

    – There is supposed to be access to b as well, but it is not showing up

    That is what I got out of it. Hope this helped!

  • crissymarie
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor


    Thank you for your input. Your on the right track. I have three menu drop downs that I want controlled by levels. It looks like when I “add” another level to the member privileges they conflict and cancel each other out. As their is only one “menu” bar drag down bar in the main rules, using both negative and positive will not work.I can create additional levels to include the various combinations of the three menu drop downs but what a pain.

    I was thinking I could create a base level of menu privileges, then add on each of the three positive drop downs as needed, :slight_frown:

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