Membership - About Shortcodes and Registration page

Problem 1: Through the options I had set up the shortcodes visibility default to "No - Shortcodes are protected by default". But the shortcodes are still showing up when a certain user have access to that content.

[vip]this is for VIP[/vip]
[premium] yehey! [premium]

The no access message is working, but once the user login to his account and has VIP access, the user will see the shortcodes together with the content.

Problem 2:

Why is it that after I enable the plugin the form where the user can register account will not appear? If I disable the plugin, the form to register an account shows up.

On the MU Dashboard > Site Admin > Options , I disbaled "Allow new registrations". Either the plugin is disabled or enabled.

I have a registration page, and included the [subscriptionform] shortcode in it. On the Options section of the Membership plugin, I set up Registration Page to Registration Page (the title of the page where the shortcode [subscriptionform] is showing up.

What am I missing?