Membership access for 3 different sub-directories

I just setup a multisite with 3 sub-directories.

How do I set up it up so that only the top level site is viewable for unregistered users?

So the users have to register at the top level site, and then by paying they will be able to view, and get access to either sub-directory site 1, 2 or 3, or a combination of them depending on the subscription they choose. I'm maybe thinking that they will first have to pay for viewing level 1 site, then upgrade to view level 2 site and then level 3 site. Top level site will only be for info about the different sub-directory sites.

Anyone know how this would be possible to do?

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    It's on Page 77 and took me a minute to find even knowing what I was looking for.


    Q: Can Membership installation control access to my Multisite Sites?
    A: Out of the box, no - it will be set up as individual membership sites.

    The following is for ADVANCED users who can support their installation once they make these changes. There is no documentation on how this will affect your site, please do not proceed with this unless you are sure you can service your issues.

    You can set the plugin to use "global tables" which will enforce it to use a common single set of tables for the entire network, then when you network activate it will run across the whole network as a single membership system and be managed via the network admin panel.

    The define you need to set is in membershipincludes/functions/membershipconfig.php (along with a few others you can tweak) - you can also set them in your wp-config.php file to ensure they stay across updates:



    Q: What Few other files?
    A: They are all in that config file - they should be pretty much self-explanatory from their names


    Q: Does this mean that protecting content will be the same for all sites? For example, with the use of shortcodes on a subsite's page?
    A: Only some things will be protect-able across the network. Shortcodes will work, but protecting posts may have unpredictable effects. Category protection is based on ID's, so if the categories you want to protect have the same ids in all sub-sites then that will work, etc...

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